Success Stories


"As a parent it was hard for me to hear that his eyes weren't working together because I thought I should have recognized that right off the bat. Thank you Dr. Kristen for helping me know that it was ok and that I probably wouldn't have ever been able to tell just by looking at Joshua. 

Thank you for giving him his confidence back. Watching him change has been amazing, almost helped him to become a better person. From him volunteering to read in class, to the reading group he is in where they have seen his reading improving, to having better coordination in gym class. The one that I got to personally see was when he was finally able to hit the baseball. He had gone all year not being able to make contact. He always told me he had never even seen the ball coming in. So in his very last game of the year he hit the ball and it flew. I always knew with his size that once he made contact it would really go. To see the joy on his face to know that he had did it. He came to me after he ran the bases and he was so happy. He said "mommy my eyes worked together and I saw it, what Miss Kristen is doing with me is helping" (and that was only 6-8 weeks in)."



"I cannot say enough good things... As the result of a concussion, I had been unable to read, concentrate, or drive for long periods and suffered from dizziness, nausea and headaches daily. After testing with Dr. Robinson and Katie, I felt relieved to learn that vision therapy could help my eyes to function as a team again, so that my symptoms would be alleviated. The team of Dr. Robinson and Katie has supported me and made me feel excited and motivated to do the therapy homework. I have seen massive gains and look forward to completing my therapy and getting back to normal. If you have suffered a concussion or have a child who is underperforming in school, then making an appointment for a vision assessment is an absolute must. You can be sure you will be supported on the path to visual excellence."



"Our daughter has always had learning challenges at school, to us this was evident right away in Junior Kindergarten. We've worked extensively with teachers and reading programs. It wasn't until Grade 5 when our daughter started mentioning the words "popping off the page and words disappearing at the beginning and ending of lines" that we decided to come and see Dr. Robinson. As we described it to our daughter, her brain and eyes weren't working together as one unit. Over the next 20 or so weeks we met with Katie for 1 hour/week learning fun new games and exercises. The exercises at home were simple and only took 20 minutes. Our daughter enjoyed all the games and we even got her brothers playing, trying to make it a family fun time and to give her brothers an idea how hard she had to work during the exercises so they could then give her positive encouragement along the way. As the weeks went by we noticed that our daughters reading fluency started to improve. She could start to read words continuously instead of having to reread things over, or sound every letter out to figure out what the word said. The words stopped popping off the page and they no longer drop off at the beginning or ending of lines. Her reading continues to improve and the fluidity of her reading does as well. Non academically our daughter has improved as well. She's a fairly sporty little girl and is a goalie. Her puck tracking ability has improved. When watching her eyes and head move, they track the puck much better now, much more deliberate, instead of just being in the right spot at the right time. She can also now catch the puck. Baseball has improved too. Our daughter has played ball since she was 4 and very rarely could she ever catch every ball that comes her way and she can now, as well as hit the ball. Our daughter enjoyed every minute with Katie and Dr. Robinson, she looked forward to every appointment. They made the entire experience fun and kept our daughter engaged to try more and do better each time she was there. Their positive reinforcement, patience and understanding made the 20 weeks go by quickly. She's liked it so much that she still gets out the computer to do the reading and ping pong games. Thank you for all that you have helped Parker with, you have no idea how much that means to her dad and I as parents."



"Your work with Emma has transformed her life and given her a new perspective of life. We spent a very happy celebration afternoon at the Williamsford Mill where she was amazed at a whole three floors of books. Thank you for the exceptional work you do - it means more to Emma, her family, and her future than I can say."